Dental Services

Simple Extraction

The tooth is taken out in a whole piece, without sectioning it.

Surgical extractions

It is a complex extraction in which the tooth has to be sectioned, bone has to be filed, or there is any modification to the gums.


Teeth are surrounded by alveolar bone. When an alveoloplasty is indicated, we modify the bone structure so that it is smooth and comfortable for dentures.

Bone graft placement

When teeth are extracted, the edentulous bone shrinks. Therefore, placing bone in the socket allows for the maintenance of the bony walls and thus creating better outcomes for implant placement

Wisdom teeth extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions are recommended most of the time, since it can cause shifting of permanent dentition, infection in the gums, have intricate anatomy where bacteria accumulate or because of hygiene purposes.


When cavities are removed, we use white tooth colored resin to fill the preparations.


A buildup is recommended when a tooth doesn’t have enough structure to make a good crown preparation and resin is added to compensate for missing areas.


Crowns are caps of porcelain made to protect the tooth from strong forces. They are recommended after more than ½ of the structure need to be restored or the tooth has been root canal treated.

Full mouth rehab

All teeth in a patient’s mouth are prepared to put crowns on top.

Smile design


Veneers are a shield of resin or porcelain that goes in front of the tooth to improve its appearance.


A porcelain prosthesis similar to a crown but it does not cover the whole tooth.

How we replace teeth


Bridges are a porcelain connection between two crowns to replace missing teeth.

Removable dentures


Removable partial dentures: dentures that do not cover the whole arch and cling to the teeth with special attachments.

Complete dentures

Replace all teeth of the mouth.


It is simulates an RPDretainer that replaces 1 tooth after an extraction.

Essex retainers

Clear plastic retainer that is used temporarily a front missing tooth.

Implant overdentures

A denture is attached to implants.

Implant fixed dentures

Teeth are attached to implants without covering the palate.


Dental implants are screws that are inserted into the bone and replaced with a crown.

Root canals

Root canals are needed when the cavity has reached the nerve. The canals where the nerves are are cleaned and filled with biocompatible material. After completion, most cases require to get covered with a crown for protection.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is a 100% safe gas that is used to calm anxiety for procedures.

Dental aligners

You probably have heard of Invisalign. However, Invisalign is one brand out of all the many aligner companies in the market. It looks like a clear retainer which is changed.


Maintain teeth in their place after orthodontic treatment.

Mouth guard

Protect teeth from oral forces.

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