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Welcome to Inova Smiles, Your Dentist in Kissimmee, FL

Our practice provides a wide variety of dental services for patients of all ages including extractions, cavities removal, teeth replacement, smile designs and more.
We are proficient in both English and Spanish, and welcome any foreign language speakers.

About Us

Inova Smiles stems from our commitment to innovation and excellence. We want to provide a unique experience that will make dental treatment easy to understand, smooth, and feasible.

We believe that smiles are more than just teeth, by integrating a wholesome approach. All dimensions of health are taken into consideration such as mental, emotional, and physical factors. We aim that our core values are strengthened throughout time and experience. We want to build a partnership relationship with our patients, where everybody wins.

Why Choose Us

  • We are constantly renovating our knowledge through education and mentorship.
  • Our facilities provide a pleasant environment, where our top priority is to create a comfortable experience for our patients.
  • Our team is fully licensed and trained for each specific procedure.
  • We make sure that our equipment and skills stay updated, taking advantage of technology and scientific advances.
  • We create a clean and minimalistic environment.
  • We work in partnership with medical doctors and a chiropractor for an interprofessional comprehensive care.
  • We work in partnership with medical doctors and a chiropractor for an interprofessional comprehensive care.
  • Say good bye to gouey impressions. We use cameras in most situations to take impressions, which are sent immediately to a dental lab. Say hello to a calming experience and technological. We give back to the community. We offer free dental services to underserved people once per month locally and nationwide for short weekend trips all year round

Meet The Doctor

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Kayla Perez
    Doctor in Dental Surgery

    Dr. Kayla Perez has always been passionate about science and art. While growing up, her dream career was helping others be healthier, but it wasn’t until much later that she discovered her talent and love for dentistry. She was born in the island of Puerto Rico and completed a bachelor’s degree in Biology at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. During her undergraduate studies, she did cancer and stem cell research internships at prestigious universities such as Harvard and the National Institute of Health headquarters in Bethesda. It was on a mission trip to Mexico, that she discovered her passion for dentistry. By assisting doctors in renewing the smiles of people who had never had a cleaning before, she realized the impact that oral health has. She decided to go to dental school at Loma Linda University in California and graduated in 2019 with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. Ever since she has been actively pursuing to become the best provider she can be for her patients. She constantly takes courses in varied disciplines that complement her skills and gives back to the community by participating in homeless services. It was her commitment to be close to her family that brought her to Orlando Florida in 2020, where she has practiced ever since in private practice. In her free time, Dr. Perez enjoys developing new artistic hobbies such as drawing, playing musical instruments, working out, fruit sculpting, and baking.

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